Monday, May 14, 2012

The Preppy Obsessions of a #Jewelry Designer. #TinaTang

What inspires and fuels our obsessions?  I am not from New England, I am not conservative nor did I go to prep school, yet, I love prep school chic. 

I have been obsessed with seersucker and unisex clean lined fashion designs as of late.  Here I am wearing my J Crew Seersucker Boy Cut Blazer for the third time in one week.

I am in the office looking preppy simply for myself. I had no appointments that day.
This weekend I purchased an overnight bag that I visited three times within an hour to make sure I really wanted to buy it.  I was sold on the light recycled sail fabric, the "Made in Brooklyn" craftsmanship, and most importantly the preppy unisex aesthetic.    It's handmade by one man who owns  He makes 6 bags a day as that's all he can manage as one person.

Isn't the overnight tote just fabulous!  A two way zipper on top makes it so practical. Photo courtesy of
I am obviously focused on the same look as I previously purchased this work bag a couple months ago, handmade by a company in Chicago called

This bag is light as a feather across my shoulders. Photo courtesy of
We ladies buy the same lipstick colors no matter how much we try to venture out so why would it be different with work bags?  I feel I need a prep school intervention.  Help.

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